Food Catering in Singapore with QQ Catering

Hello fellow travellers, how are you all doing? I hope you are reaching greater heights with this coming new year. As for myself, I will be spending time back at home in Singapore, as the Chinese New Year is coming. As we’ve not had much time to prepare our house for our relatives to visit us, we decided to order some food catering services to help cater to our guests. Luck has had me going great, as I noticed this offer from QQ Catering for the Chinese New Year.

Food Catering Special Deals from QQ Catering

Food Catering and Buffet Delivery Services in the New Year

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if you guys are looking for buffet delivery or food catering services over this busy new year, look no further. Priced at a lucky number of $88 per set, this catering set from QQ Catering is sure to be one of the cheapest and most delicious looking buffet spreads that you can order for your new years parties.

After reading more about QQ Catering, this is what I have gotten from them. These people are poised to become the most trusted and reliable food catering in Singapore. Not only do they provide buffet delivery services, they also have bento box food services, where the deliciously prepared meals are carefully packed and served to your guests in a nice box.

Is Food Catering Tasty At All?

Gone are the days where food catering tastes like the absolutely horrible food you used to be served by the school cooks. Food services today are much more extensive in the ingredients and spices they use, and therefore the food does taste much better, perhaps even to the level of a 5 star hotel. The menu delivered by QQ Catering is no stranger to the changing tastes of the people today.

Let me continue with some more of their offerings this year.

Emperor Chicken Meat Ball

Emperor Chicken Meat Ball by QQ Catering)

The picture above is the Emperor Chicken Meat Ball – a dish made with multiple ingredients such as emperor vegetables, chicken, fish essence, egg and chili. This combined mixture of ingredients allows there to be a natural flavor and fragrance to be emitted throughout your mouth, when you take a bite. I have personally tried this after visiting their offices for a taste test, and it definitely is crunchy and tasty. Being one QQ Catering’s most coveted dishes in this festive season, you definitely have to order their food catering service and try this out.

Gulam Chicken

Gulam Chicken by QQ Catering

Next is the Gulam Chicken, one of my other top favourites. Adapting the tastes from Malaysia, this dish is a set of chicken drumlets marinated with spices and baked to golden brown. A blend of savoury spices will burst through your tastebuds with every single bite. While I have tried to ask their celebrity chef Michael Loy to teach me how to make this recipe, he did not budge. That’s to be expected though as he has spent many years trying to perfect this dish with his very own secret recipe.

Just a quick note about the above dishes, these are made with easily obtainable ingredients that you can purchase from any supermarket in Asia, or any Asian supermarket if you are overseas in an American or European country. However, I digress. Let me continue on to the next few items.

Traditional Peranakan Chicken

Traditional Peranakan Chicken by QQ Catering

Let me continue on this article with the next dish, pictured above, the Traditional Peranakan Chicken. As the Chinese love spices, this dish is also marinated with carefully prepared Peranakan spices, and pounded with a pestle and mortar to give it a good texture. It smelled extremely good when I visited QQ Catering’s own kitchen. Of course, those of Peranakan decent will surely appreciate such a beautiful dish, and be surprised about how much it can remind them of home.

Italian Herb Baked Chicken

Italian Herb Baked Chicken by QQ Catering

Lastly for our Caucasian friends, the dish served above is called the Italian Herb Baked Chicken. A hearty dish created with herb paste and also a blend of 15 different Italian herbs, this will also allow fellow Italians and your guests a reason to come to your home to savour something that they may not have eaten in a long while, after being so far away from home.

After writing about all these dishes, it is impossible for anyone not to want to order any of QQ’s food services, especially for the impending Chinese New Year. If you are looking for some food catering services, especially if you are in Singapore, please go ahead and check out QQ Catering.

Check out QQ Catering’s Food Menu

You can access their menu at . Alternatively, you may also give them a ring at 6316 9696, or drop them an email at What are you waiting for? Celebrate your upcoming parties and events with QQ Catering, while stocks last!