Clement Canopy: Review of Nearby Schools

Clement Canopy

Schools of choice

We all know how important it is to find a good school for your child and by Clement Canopy you are a stone’s throw away from the best schools in Singapore. NUS high school is just one street down and your child can cycle to school.

Logo of NUS high School for studying near Clement Canopy

If your child is smarter, they could even attend Anglo Chinese School (Independent) which produced more than 50% of the IB perfect marks, this is just out of this world education system. If your child is not so smart, they can attend Fairfield Methodist School which will inculcate great Methodist Values.

Being a stone throw from Nan Hua Primary and High School, your heartland but top tier school is also available for your mandarin speaking child. For the polytechnic lovers, a good option will be Singapore Polytechnic.

For the advanced learners being a short trip away from the Buona Vista and One North Area, you can considering pursuing your MBA at Insead. There are many reasons why we consider living in Clement Canopy a 99-year leasehold development and education is indeed the best and the utmost important reason for you and your family.

Logo a school near Clement Canopy

If you look at the top PSLE students and the wealth affluent children, they all attend Anglo Chinese School because it produces officers, scholars and gentlemen. With their advanced and holistic education and ACS boy is set for life and with their sports being core and central to their education pedagogy a Clement Canopy ACS boy is the ultimate player.

By finding the right home can mean the difference between a good child and not so good child. The location benefits of living in Clementi mean you “keep your options open” to the best schools and best chances of living in Singapore due to the expensive cost of living.