Fantastic Education Options Await Those Who Stay At Seaside Residences

For any parent, school choices are a big concern. This kiasu-ness especially applies to Singaporeans, who refuse to lose out on opportunities to place their children through the best education. Living at the Seaside Residences helps ease that worry – simply because of the number of great schools that are located nearby.

Here is the list of schools:

  • Bedok West Primary School
  • Victoria Junior College
  • CHIJ Katong Convent
  • East Coast Primary School
  • Opera State Primary School
  • St. Stephen’s School
  • Tao Nan School
  • Ping Yi Secondary School
  • St. Patrick’s School
  • Victoria School
  • Telok Kurau Primary School
  • Bedok Green Primary School
  • Ngee Ann Primary School
  • Temasek Junior College
  • Bedok Town Secondary School
  • CHIJ (Katong) Primary School
  • Feng Shan Primary School
  • St. Hilda’s Primary School
  • St. Andrew’s Autism School
  • Anglican high School

Notable Primary School – Tao Nan School

Tao Nan School near seaside Residences

Tao Nan School is highly reputed for being a (Special Assistance Plan) SAP school. For the uninitiated parent, SAP schools are considered to be superior with a focus on the Chinese language. They are also supposed to have better teachers and curriculum. This is evident from the stunning PSLE results released each year from the SAP schools.

Living at the Seaside Residences gives you an advantage of getting admitted into the school. This is because distance is a factor in deciding who gets admitted to Primary Schools.

Furthermore, your child will be able to return home safely given the short commute to and from school. Fortunately for residences of this Siglap Link condo, you don’t have to plan for 30 minute drives to other elite schools in further parts of Singapore (Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Girls Primary School etc.).

Notable Secondary School – Victoria School

Victoria School near Seaside Residences

Victoria school is a coveted institution to many Singaporeans. Considered as one of the premier secondary schools, it promises great quality teachers.

Living at Seaside Residences gives you access to all these fantastic institutions. Look no further if you’re looking for a strategic home to kickstart your child’s education from. Check out for more information soon!

Clement Canopy: Review of Nearby Schools

Choosing the best school for your child in the Clementi Avenue 1 area

We all know how important it is to find a good school for your child and by living in Clementi at Clement Canopy you are a stone’s throw away from the best schools in Singapore. NUS high school is just one street down and your child can cycle to school.

Logo of NUS high School for studying near Clement Canopy

If your child is smarter, they could even attend Anglo Chinese School (Independent) which produced more than 50% of the IB perfect marks, this is just out of this world education system. If your child is not so smart, they can attend Fairfield Methodist School which will inculcate great Methodist Values.

Being a stone throw from Nan Hua Primary and High School, your heartland but top tier school is also available for your mandarin speaking child. For the polytechnic lovers, a good option will be Singapore Polytechnic.

For the advanced learners being a short trip away from the Buona Vista and One North Area, you can considering pursuing your MBA at Insead. There are many reasons why we consider living in Clement Canopy a 99-year leasehold development and education is indeed the best and the utmost important reason for you and your family.

Logo a school near Clement Canopy

If you look at the top PSLE students and the wealth affluent children, they all attend Anglo Chinese School because it produces officers, scholars and gentlemen. With their advanced and holistic education and ACS boy is set for life and with their sports being core and central to their education pedagogy a Clement Canopy ACS boy is the ultimate player.

By finding the right home can mean the difference between a good child and not so good child. The location benefits of living in Clementi mean you “keep your options open” to the best schools and best chances of living in Singapore due to the expensive cost of living.


Gramercy Park Singapore

The Luxurious Gramercy Park Condo Singapore

Gramercy Park in Singapore at Grange street is a freehold rich apartment suite by the highly-regarded designer City Development Limited. The heavenly structure is situated at Grange Road, Singapore 249569, in District 10. The marvellous structure is 10 min stroll from the Orchard MRT Station and is close to Orchard Road Shopping Locale and Singapore Botanic Gardens which makes the structure remain in the heart of all the energy, shopping and diversion yet a few sections of the Gramercy Park holds that serenity. The way of life at Gramercy the Park is extravagant in the city. The advancement is close to the quantities of overall guidelines and associations which makes it extremely helpful for the families with school going children. The area around the advancement holds the best class eateries, recreational workplaces, and malls which is profitable to the general population living in the improvement.

gramercy park singapore entrance

Developers behind the property

Gramercy Park created by City Development Limited gives all the required offices and extravagance to the families living in it. This sky scratching structure ascends with the design tallness of 98.2 meters or 322 ft. over the ground. The colossal engineering has suited twenty-four townhouse pads over the ground and two pads beneath the ground in it. The sky scratching structure is suited with the twelve lifts which giving the extravagance and solace to the general population living in it. The freehold property holds the huge parking spot of 174 units. Every unit of the Gramercy Park unit bargains of two rooms with appended study rooms, three rooms, four rooms, and five room penthouses. Every one of the units are planned currently with roomy living spaces of 1184 square feet to 7284 square feet. The living spaces are encompassed with vast glass window and single stacking with wind current. Dealing with your protection the units have the aggregate security of the private lift. Roomy, agreeable and extravagant units are made to give an existence in style to your family.


The Gramercy Park spills the tastefulness with its full apartment suite offices for its inhabitant families. The families work out in the Gym, Play table tennis or deal with themselves in the spa. They can unwind, restore, revive their brain and let go their tiredness in the 50-meter swimming pool of the structure. Every one of these offices add polish and magnificence to the structure and a similar time gives the life in style to the occupants in its extravagant premises. The structure gives every one of the offices to your family with its premises and makes you free from the weight to take them out for each administration you require.

Check out Gramercy Park Condo Floorplans

The structure is suited with the entire progression so that the tenants won’t feel suffocated and have the breathing spaces wherever they go. No group, clamor or contamination with more greens, garden and open spaces which make the stand living. Each of the 174 apartments of Gramercy Park is orchestrated and obliges each need of the family and individual living in it. The improvement of the structure is made moved, agreeable and lavish to give an existence in style to the families living in it.

OUE Twin Peaks Singapore

Investing in OUE Twin Peaks a Wise Move

Movie star Jackie Chan as well as singer-songwriter Wakin Chau are famous celebrities who have bought some apartments in the OUE condominium development, located in District 09. According to The Business Times, Chan has bought two apartments while Chau has bought one, making OUE Twin Peaks as an investment opportunity a worthy choice for discerning buyers. This development constitutes of 462 units housed on twin 35-storey towers and it obtained temporary occupation permit on February 24, 2015. The twin towers are built on prime land measuring 130,983 sq ft and offers 436,169 sq of total living space.

Fully furnished condos

Each apartment in the OUE Twin Peaks is fully furnished and ready to be occupied. If you’re thinking of OUE Twin Peaks as an investment, the purchase price ranges from S$2,150-S$3,130 per square foot. Rental prices can vary from S$4.85-S$8.18 per square foot. When it comes to individual condos, a one-bedroom condo offers 549-571 square feet of space. A two-bedroom condo offers 1055 square feet of space while a three-bedroom condo offers 1399-1604 square feet of space. As for the actual prices, a one-bedroom condo can cost $1,520,730 or $1,707,290 depending on the square feet. A two-bedroom condo can cost $2,992,350 while three-bedroom condos are listed at $3,665,380, $3,679,370, $3,689,200 and $4,218,520 depending on the square feet of space.

oue twin peaks interior

Deferred Payment Scheme

There are many reasons to consider OUE Twin Peaks as an investment, and top of the list is that you can acquire property through the Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS). In this scheme, buyers put a down payment of 20% on a condo, and then pay nothing for the next three years. And after three years, you pay off the remaining balance in the usual manner. There’s also a different scheme where you put down the 20% discount and start paying off the mortgage after one year.

Why this is a wise investment

You can get discounts since the Qualifying Certificate means the developer must sell the condos within two years. The units are also sold fully furnished and you can move in right away. The development is located in District 9, which is a very prime location.


There’s an arrival lobby and concierge desk on the ground floor. Residents can also enjoy an outdoor pool which includes a children’s pool. The twin towers also feature gourmet dining suites, a gym, tennis court, and a barbeque or teppanyaki pavilion. There are steam rooms, Jacuzzi, spa room, laundry room, library, and a lounge. Amenities near the towers include bus services, international schools and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious cuisine. You can buy goods at nearby shopping centers and supermarkets and you can withdraw money from nearby banks. It takes five to ten minutes to drive to the central business district.

facilities oue twin peaks

OUE Twin Peaks condos overview

The location of the development offers exclusivity in a prime location while also providing connectivity to the other parts of the city. Communal amenities such as libraries, pools, spas and Jacuzzis encourage participation within the community. The development is clean and green and provides many leisure options for adults and children. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and if you’re considering OUE Twin Peaks as an investment, you will be making one of the best decisions of your life.

Take a look at the OUE Twin Peaks experience through watching this video:




Guide to Buying Property in Singapore

Buying Property as a Person Living in Singapore

With property costs at its most minimal in years, the time is especially ready to take that first dunk into the nearby property pool. For outsiders in Singapore, notwithstanding, it’s significant that strict government confinements on remote property possession implies that the pool that is interested in you is generously shallower than what’s accessible to the normal Singaporean.

However, more on that later. We should handle the most critical question first: how to recognize outsiders in Singapore?

How to tell in case you’re a nonnative?

The test is entirely straightforward. Unless you’re a Singaporean resident, organization, restricted obligation association or society, you will be viewed as a nonnative for the motivations behind property proprietorship.

That implies it doesn’t make a difference that you’re a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) or paying charges here, it gets you no further rights.

What sort of open lodging would you say you are qualified to purchase as an outsider?

HDB Flats Singapore

Types of Lodging Available for you

There are four sorts of open lodging accessible in Singapore:

Work to-Order (BTO) pads or Sale of Balance Flats (SBF): These are pads manufactured and sold specifically by the Housing Development Board of Singapore (HDB) to people in general.

Resale Flats: These are HDB pads that have been purchased by individuals from the general population, and are presently being sold by said purchasers in the open market.

Develop, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) Flats: DBSS pads were an activity by the Government to convey higher-end pads to lower-wage Singaporeans. Private designers would offer for the rights to DBSS ventures, and the effective bidder would be in charge of building and offering the pads. The engineers would just be permitted to offer the pads to people who fulfilled the strict qualification conditions set by HDB, taking after which the typical resale level conditions would apply to the purchaser should they wish to offer the level not far off. The DBSS plot has been to a great extent unsuccessful, and was suspended starting at 2011.

Executive Condominiums

Official Condominiums (EC): Similar to DBSS pads, ECs were intended to take into account the sandwiched class of Singaporeans: the individuals who weren’t yet ready to bear the cost of apartment suites, however were valued out of BTO/SBF pads and DBSS pads. Albeit created and worked by private designers, they can just market the pads to people who fulfill HDB’s qualification conditions. Ought to the purchaser then wish to offer the townhouse to resulting parties, they would need to maintain HDB’s deal limitations, to be specific: (i) they should fulfill the 5-year least occupation period on their unit; (ii) between the sixth to ninth year, they can just offer the level to Singapore Citizens or SPRs; and (iii) just from the tenth year would they be able to offer their level, unhindered, in the open market as though it were a private apartment suite.